As a first time home buyer, approaching the market was extremely intimidating and nerve-racking. I was overwhelmed to be put in a position to create a game plan in a situation that I’ve never experienced before. That’s when I found Elizabeth. She and her team exceeded our every expectation in all aspects of the home buying process. I’ll be honest with you, I knew NOTHING about purchasing a home. Not only did they take lead and hold our hand through the whole process, but also educated us on every step and detail along the way. I’ve come to believe that they have the blueprint of success for first time home buyers. I also want to highlight the fantastic work done by Nicole. She takes service, attention to detail, and communication to a whole new level and we are so thankful for her help and guidance along the way.

Having said that, what really spoke volume to me was the fact that Elizabeth and Nicole did certain things that really showed that were working towards our bottom line as a family. Purchasing a home can be a big financial commitment, and knowing that we had a team that put our financial well being first was truly appreciated.

Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you Nicole! Thank you to the whole team at ElizabethSells. Our family would not be where we are today without you and we truly believe that.