Elizabeth is by far the BEST realtor I’ve ever encountered in my life….and that’s saying a lot as I have worked in finance and lending for the past 25 years. She was and is over the top remarkable. My mother passed away unexpectedly last year. She left no will and no directives therefore all her assets ended up in probate….for which I was left to handle. To say I was overwhelmed, was an understatement. There was so much to do, most notably dealing with her home of nearly 40 years. To top it off, I lived out of state and after being in LA for 5 weeks to handle my mother’s affairs, I had to get back home to my 4 kids, pets, and career. It was imperative I find someone to deal with the sale of her home…so I did what most people do these days and I googled best realtor in San Fernando Valley. It was there I came upon Elizabeth. After reading her glowing reviews, I reached out. She got back to me immediately and came to my mother’s home within 24 hours to discuss the situation and scope out the project. She was intelligent, helpful, compassionate, competent, responsive, had experience with probate transactions and had a robust team behind her to help me each step of the way. I knew she was the right fit as soon as we met. She arranged for her team to come meet me before I had to head home. I met the contractor, the stager, the septic professional and her teammate who helped to project manage all the players. I felt surrounded by proficiency and trusted that everything would go well in my absence. They handled the entire process for me from afar….the construction upgrades, the painting, the landscaping, the staging, the signing….and never did they miss a beat. In the end, I received nearly a dozen offers within days of listing, with half of the offers over the asking price! I cannot express the gratitude I have for Elizabeth and her entire team. Elizabeth made a very difficult time feel effortless and her vast knowledge resulted in not only $44K over asking but also the utmost respect to my childhood home and my mother’s legacy.