I was referred to Elizabeth when I was ready to put my house on the market. I reviewed several real estate representatives that were advertising in my neighborhood. I wasn’t sure what I should look for in a real estate representative but I knew I wanted to find a representative that was confident and knowledgeable.

After contacting Elizabeth we agreed to meet at my home. Elizabeth arrived on time and with all of the information about her I would need to make a qualified decision. After a tour of the home Elizabeth showed me and told me point blank exactly what to expect from her and her group.

Because when you have Elizabeth as your representative you have more than one talented person working for you but you have a group of talented people working for you. And they all perform their jobs with skill and intelligence and determination.

Elizabeth told me that they would handle everything, from cleaning and staging, photos and creation of a very professional web site, and everything else associated with selling a home. They did not disappoint. And they handled everything with grace and confidence (their experience shows) and I never once felt that I wasn’t getting the best service and representation that I was promised.

I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anybody selling or purchasing a home.